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Monday, January 17, 2011

Finishing things and SKINS.

Skins is starting SRSLY right now.

So far, it is an exact copy of the English Skins -British? ;P
Except for a few things, like conveniently places window sills/mirror edges to ensure one hundred percent no showing of 'vile' places.
But I don't even care, I love it already.
Tony and Stanley are gorgeous in opposite ways, and I'm so in love. xD

If ever swear word had to be BEEPed out, I'll go crazy.
High schoolers swear, it's just how we talk; like GAWD.
...I don't like Cady/Katie -dunno how the fuck it's spelled- as much as the girl from the other Skins.
I think she was about to kill a rabbit, or something like that...

Ohman, I think the dealer's name is Le Dong? xD
I will die every time I hear that, not kidding.
Ohyeah, Tony's voice is epic, and made me all aofieoakqmdjfijfopajwucycntnelz -lyke, y'know?

If somebody tried to smoke at my school in the bathroom, they'd be caught in, like, 3-2-1.
My friends used to outside though, I guess, until one of 'em got caught. xD

Oh, I finished my English thing today, sort of.
I want Jean to check it out, to make sure I got everything, then I just have to make the actual thing for my second book -which I read today, lyke a boss.
Uhm, today I ate an apple, three little pickles, and dinner -some mashed potatoes, corn, and half a breadstick.
I have to get to my goal next week, or I seriously don't know what I'll do.
Give up on everything, maybe.
Fuck, I hate commercials.
This'll no doubt be the last bit of Skins before it ends, and I want it to hurry upppp.
Then I'll wait in suspense for next Monday, sort of nawt really.

Now I want to go on MTV.com, for something like a webisode, but I'm tired and have school tomorrow.
...And should set my alarm clock.

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