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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Simpsons and Dairy Queen.

I've never been able to watch The Simpsons, it was always too boring and blahblahblah.
I'm watching it now though, and it's sort of okay.
Homer's annoying, but this one's mostly about the kids I guess.

I've already had more than my day's worth of calories.
And I've exercised -minus the push ups, but plus walking/jogging up and down the hallway.
Got a free app that counts steps and supposedly counts calories.
1028 steps, 57.9 calories.

My brother had to go to the doctor today, to get shots and his 'ten year check-up' or something.
They're stopping for DQ on the way back.
I asked for an M&M blizzard, fries, and ranch.
There's 835 calories in the blizzard, I think 35 in the ranch -or else it's 310?!-, and 306 in the fries.
Either 1176 or 1451.
That's, like, 3x my limit.

Well, I'll see what happens when they got home.
I'm getting excited for the weekend, I'm hoping I won't ever have to eat, pretty much.
The joys of being vegetarian and going to birthday parties.


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