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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pruney toes and cold water.

I took a bath today.
Yeah, fucking seriously; a bath.
Sounds dumb, but it was sort of okay.
I read, and was actually able to focus on what I was seeing.
I'm so close to being done with Madame Bovary, and then I'm hoping that Jean and I can find a book together, so I don't have to do this alone again.
Uhm, I went over my limit again today, probably be a few hundred, but I don't think I got to 1,000.
And I feel like shit because I can't do sit-ups anymore, I got fucking rug burn yesterday.
Not joking, it's on my lower back, and it hurts.
I tried to do it anyways, but I couldn't get past, like, seventeen or something.
So I tried doing these other things, but I don't knowwww. :/
It sucks.
I'm doing more push ups and finishing my leg lifts, then I've got this need to weigh myself.
Just to see how much damage there's probably been.
I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up at 160 or higher tomorrow.
I'm in a negative mood, if you can't tell.

Oh damn, that's not good. xD
I share my locker with two other people, so if I forget one of them can open it.
Thanks, I know if I actually follow it I'll make progress, but I've got cravings this week.
Imthink it's school. :P
No, I haven't read the books, and now I want to! :3

Ugh, I need to blow dry my hair, or it'll be shit in the morning.

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