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Monday, January 3, 2011

Planners and schedules.

School was boring, but went by sort of fast-ish.
Guess it's to be expected since it was a late start.
Late starts mess up the schedule;
1st hour, 2nd hour, 4th hour, C lunch, 5th hour, 3rd hour, and then 6th hour.
You'd think after years of doing this I'd be used to it;
Nope, I got fucking confused about whether or not I was going to English after 5th hour.
I have English 6th hour. :/
I felt dumb.
And I finally put together a sort of 'plan'.
I brought home the planner I used to use in school, and decided I'm going to start keeping track of stuff -like food and calories and all that shitty stuff.
I've decided I'll fast whenever I feel like it -at least once a week-, but I'm not going to push to go more than one day at a time.
If I'm not fasting, I'll try to stay under 500 calories.
Any day I go over 1,000 calories is considered a "binge"/"fail" day.
I don't really have any sort of 'punishment' type thing in mind for fail days, only that the next day will probably be a fast.
Sugar-free gum, Propel packets -the little ones you put in water bottles, there's other types I just usually prefer Propel-, and chewing&spitting does not count, but I'm only able to have up to two packets a day.
I will onlynot do my "exercise" on days that I fast, but on days that I chew&spit I have to do about, like, half.
I do sit-ups in a pattern of 1, then 2, then 3, etc etc; until I get up to ten, and then I start at ten and go down.
Same with push ups, only I just go up to 5 and then back down.
Let lifts are the same as sit ups.
And on "fail" days, I have to -Ahm- "pace"?
Basically just walking circles in my room, or jogging in place, for at least 5 minutes -pacing is actually more like half an hour, with high-knees for 20 minutes.
Jesus, this all sounds so damn complicated, but it's not;
I've already been doing it I guess, I've just never written it down.
And putting it here is just helping to solidify it to myself.
I like having plans, and I don't know how i got along for so long without one.
Ohright, I was doing a shitty job before.
Today isn't a binge yet, but I'm not sure if it's passed.
I think right now it has, but I've got a HUGE craving for frosting, and I think we have some...
I'm waiting for my mom and brother to leave for his basketball practice before I go look.
And if I'm lucky -or really unlucky I suppose-, I'll have a container of frosting to eat while watching Pretty Little Liars.
Then I'll do more exercise, and read two chapters of Madame Bovary, and then sleep.

Ohmugod, I didn't even think about ants! xD
It was all cool though, but I did forget to toss it again. Hahaha. Fail. :)
Thank you! :D
Dunno if I'm actually out for real though, not after today. xD
Today feels like an experiment, to see if I should lower or possibly higher my set intake;
It'll probably end up needing to be lowered. Blah. :P
Anyways, hope your doing good, even though lame school's started again! < 3456789

Long post is boring.
No frosting.
Ice cream instead, with caramel and chocolate sauces and ReddiWhip, probably.
IDC. I'm fucking craving something sweet and vanilla.
I should stop watching baking shows.
I'll regret this later, like tomorrow when I've gained an lb. :(
I hate when I plan binges, it makes me feel fucking stupid because I could just stop myself before I do it.
But I don't.
Oh damn, oh well.

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  1. Lmao.Yea I forgot my freaking locker code. :\
    No worries sounds like u have a good plan,and I love pretty little liars,did u read the book. If not u should they are a lot better then he series.