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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hiding and finals.

I'm in my room, to keep away from food.
I want Fritos, cheese and crackers, taco shells...
Uhmm, this sucks.

From this morning I've gained half a pound.

I don't even know what to do right now, I'm in a very bad mood.
Think I did OK on my English essay test;
Have Spanish, Biology, and English finals tomorrow, and a History test.
I should study, but I won't.
I can't study by myself, FUCK THAT.
And my mom's not home.

My brother probably wants dinner...
And that really fucking sucks.

I don't feel like making a new post.
Uh, I just hinged, sort of.
I don't know if I went over one thousand, and it's KILLING ME.
I think I had 200'left, and so that means I didn't go over 1,000... But I can't fucking remember how I figured this out earlier.
Ohmygod. I feel so fat, and BLOATED.
I've never really felt, or noticed that I was, bloated;
It's gross.
I feel extended, and like I might puke.
Ugh. Cereal.
No joke, who binges on cereal?

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