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Thursday, January 20, 2011

COLD [x2] and minor-binges.

Mhm. Binged.
Dunno how many calories, but now it's like all my C&S was for nothing.
Filled up maybe one-fourth of a box with... food-spit.
Euw. xD

Um, but things were healthy-ish... except cheese and crackers.
OMNOM, cheese'n'crackers.

Maybe since I've been restricting this week, I can maintain or not gain a lot?
I've got hiiiiighhh hopes, like high, apple pie in the skyyyyy hopes.
....Don't ask.

I'm still SO COLD.
Heater went out or something this morning, so yeah.
I made banana bread -that batter was surprisingly good... :/- and my mom's keeping the oven open for heat. :P
It's not on, so I don't really understand how it's helping...
But whatever zips her flyyyy.

I'm pretending to be finishing my English project, and drinking Mtn Dew.
Out of all the pops in my garage, Mtn Dew had the fewest calories. :P
I seriously didn't want any water, and I only have one packet left. D:

I might get diet pills. :3
If my neighbor gets them, and I can buy some...
Her mom is letting her get them, but I mentioned it to my mom and she just said:
"Oh, that's not good."
She wants to loose 20lbs for prom, 'cause she thinks she's gained ten lately.
I keep telling her you have to weigh IN THE MORNING, after you go to the bathroom, or else the scale is going to be WRONG.

I have the hiccups now; carbonation can suck my dick.

Uhhuhm, I wish it was morning-time so I could go weigh myself.
It's only fucking six-thirty.

I'm nom'ing some banana bread I just made.
I planned on eating it slowly, but just shoved half of it in my mouth.
...I have the urge to spit it out....
GODDAMMIT; I knew this would turn into an addiction.
Can't believe I seriously just did that.

I feel like I've got something more to say.
Hmhmhm; actually I'm pretty sure I'm just procrasting.
There's only a paragraph left, but oi...
I've already written this exact thing for a different book, and I don't want to write the same thing all over again. >:P
Fuck you English language and literary merit; FUCK YOU AND YOUR UGLY MOMMA.
...LOL. I just said a your mom joke to literature.

I'M CRAZY, and all sorts of fucked-up.
My blogs are so long.

My fingers are cold.
They have been all day, and I jammed my pinky on a chair today. Dx
OWCH, that hurt.
Ugh, I think I'll end up writing about themes, and how it was influential in those times and it's still influential for this time, because it helps us look back on our past and see how younger black girls saw the world.

So much work to get this done. D:

I want to write other things though. >:P
Hm, I think I'm just going to blurt this out.
I RolePlay, on MyYearbook.
Got an issue, a problem, or whatever? I don't care.
I already keep that a secret from the rest of the world, keeping it a secret on here is dumb.
'Specially 'cause there's drama on thurr, and it's HILARIOUS.
I don't care for internet drama, of any kind, because it's the internet and NOBODY CARES.
I want to use a character of mine. Blahblahblah.
Mostly just to piss somebody else off, 'cause they's a BITCH.
And besides, I can't find a way to just go off and write by myself, like a book, so this is just the same thing, sort of basically.

My mom's looking at my finished project right now, and her face is all twisted-curious-like...
Fuck her if something's wrong, I AIN'T FIXING IT.
Hahaha, so yeah;
This is too long. D:

LOLOL. I was at the point where I was just babble-typing whatever popped into my head. O:
Me talking is WAY WORSE, but it's supposedly funny...
I'll have to let loose more often then, if it makes you happy. :3
....Sorry 'bout that, but PANCAKES BE SOO GOOD, and I want some. D:
I have a wicked soft blanket in my room, but it doesn't help! And I lost my other ones. :P

I seriously need to get this done, so I can do other things...

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  1. They play it sometime in the afternoon when old elderly ppl watch tv.and u should get a snuggie. :) im always cold litterly ALWAYS!