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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red eyes and ...stuff.

My left eye is so completely fucked up.
I can see fine, but it's major red and it's, like, sore.
I had a ton of people ask me if I had pink eye, and another asked if I was high.
"Oh, shit yeah. I'm so high, but only half my face. Mmmmm, I'm a stoner; you know it, dumbshit."
Not my exact words, 'cause it was one of my sort-of-school-acquaintances, but yeah.

Finally done with The Scarlet fucking Letter after tomorrow.
I have a timed essay test sixth hour, which means I have to write five paragraphs in fifty-ish minutes.
Just kill me now.

I'm not sure if today counts as a binge, 'cause it was around 900, but probably more.
I stood around for almost 2 hours, but yeah, I probably gained.
I figured out today that I HAVE to loose something like 45.5-56.5 lbs.
I had it written on my hand, but it was in pencil, so now I dont remember.
Huhm, I'm
This was boring. Sorry.

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