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Monday, January 17, 2011

Epyck parties and MLK.

Tomorrow's Martin Luther King -Jr.?- Day, so I don't have school. Yayyy.
But I will either spend all of my time bitching and procrastinating, or bitching and working. Yayyyy, no.

Skins is FINALLY premiering tomorrow. OMNOM. < 3
If it sucks, somebody will die; SRSLY.
And Degrassi is starting again in February; that better be gewd, too.
I love Clair, Eli, Alli, Riley, Zane, etc.. Much better than Emma; ugh, her and her attention whore-ness.

Um, yesterday was EPYCK. Lovelovelove.
The party was so fun, even though it's all a blur now -yes, we were all sober, JSYK.
But I definitely remember a lot of "RAPE!", surprise and/or butt secks, wrestling for my phone and getting elbowed in the face, hitting my head on concrete, actually listening when somebody told me to stay on the ground and using my foot to flick the light switch, getting dragged away from mentioned lightswitch, nearly getting dragged upstairs when I refused to go up myself because I refused to take pictures, "If I was a fork, I'd live... ON THE COUNTER!", "Oh, he already got me a Valentine's Day present..." "You're staying with him all the way until then?" "...I wasn't planning on it", "I can't eat that cookie! It has FAT in it, but I can eat pizza, ice cream, AND cake", retreating from cake fights, and blindly throwing cookies and water bottles at the 'Emo-corner' and hitting him in the balls.
Oh, and I traded my perfectly comfy chair for a chance to play with one of my friend's pocket knives, and then I got it taken away by somebody else, and we fought over it in the dark while she was holding the blade part.
Yeahhuh, fun times.
Oh, and [x2] I ran outside in the freezing cold, and it took me like an hour to be able to feel my legs again.
Then I came home, ate, slept, ate more, watched Seed of Chucky, and now I'm lying bed.
Probably gong to go to sleep. Blah.
I've got a bit of a head ache...
Not cool. :p
And I'm sore, which I'm LOVING for some fucked up reason.
I like knowing that I did something yesterday that obviously used muscle, because they feel used and abused now. < 3

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