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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nervous-ness and... thought processes.

My thought process before, during, and after-?- this blog.
"-While drinking Sunny D, straight from the carton, in an empty kitchen- Did I blog today?
I don't think so, no, but what did I do today? ...I went to a basketball game, but I did that yesterday... And I, uh, attempted and failed to fast. Jeeze, such a binge... and that Rootbeer/vanilla vodka thing wasn't that good.
Huh, I don't understand how people can like the taste of vodka. With orange juice that one time it was okay-ish, but still?
Oh, yeah, I don't want to document more failure, but -FUCK- I wanted to try and blog everyday...
Uh, huh...
-In room, lying in bed, flicking through channels on the TV.- What should I call it?
Basketball and... Meh, no, used that yesterday I think?
Eck, why does my mouth taste funny? ...Oh yeah, Sunny D and failure.
Heh, Family Guy is on. HA, YO' MOMMA JOKE. That's awesome.
Argh, this is just like that one night where I can't stay focused, but that one person found it funny. :3
...Was she the one I never replied to, the one that told me to get a Snuggie? LOL, backwards robe.
Hell if I remember.
Hm, I'm nervous about tomorrow... I'm fat, and most likely missed my goal again.
At the same time
I'm INSANELY curious.
AH, blog... Blogblogblog.
Hm, I've got an idea... Yeah.
-Grabs phone, gets on Blogger, and starts typing,- Nervous-ness and thought processes..."

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