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Friday, January 28, 2011

Boredom and apples.

I'm so SO bored that I'm just sitting in my room, doing nothing.
No school + snow + friends being jackasses == A VERY FUCKING BORED JESSIE.

C from MYB has been pissing me the fuck off lately.
But fighting with her is so unsatisfying...
She fails at life, especially when she tries to be like me.
Period, the end, close the book.

My feet are fucking COLD.
I don't want socks though.

I'm thirsty, but lazy...
And I don't want to re-fill a water bottle, so I'd have to get a new one and those are in the garage and I'm not in the mood for water but there's no diet pop and I don't want any 20-calorie Propel packets.
Does diet pop really have 0 calories?
Ive always wondered, 'cause Diet Dr. Pepper sounds gewd -even though indent have any.
And I'm a pop ADDICT, but I haven't been drinking it 'cause I'm never in the mood to pour liquid calories down my throat.

I'm watching Food Network, but nothing looks good.
WhattheHell, Food Network should make GOOD FOOD.
What's a banana foster?
...I like bananas.
But I dint eat them.
I also want to seen off apples, and get new fruits, 'cause I guess apples are high on the fruits-with-sugar scale...
Even though apples are the thing I go to when I want food, but shouldn't eat, and don't feel like going out of control.

I haven't tried fasting in ever, 'cause my fasting always ends up with bingeing.
You shouldn't be embarrassed! I only am because my weight has barely changed, and that's fucking dumb.

Oh, no, I'm in Minnesota. xD
Yesterday was sort of warm, and it gave me hope, but some man on the news ruined everything and told me the snow will probably stay until spring. D:

...I should paint my nails, they look ugly.
Ugh. So much effort.

I just realized I've lost 5.5 lbs in one month...
I fail at everything.

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