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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obsessions and cold.

I'm obsessed with blogging lately.
And right now I'm bored, and can't sleep.
Well, I actually don't know if I can sleep or not, because I haven't even tries yet... Butyeah.
My brain won't turn off. :P
It's just thought after thought after thought; ADD, possibly.
LOLOL, it would be hilarious if I had ADD, mostly because people in my math class think I do because I can't stay on one topic very well...
And sometimes I blurt things out, and it sounds dumb.
That happened a lot today... xD
Okay, only twice, but they both seriously made everybody near me crack the fuck up.

Oh, I also had a C&S obsession today.
Sooo much.
And then I was sitting later on my laptop, trying to fool myself into doing English, and I realized I actually felt full...
I couldn't have had more then, like, 300 calories today.
Whatthefuck, that's awesome.

Hm, I want to know my weight.
I weighed with my clothes and stuff on and then was way surprised and like removed stuff to see the numbers go down...
It made mennot hungry. :D

Why the Hell am I still typing?
AH, my fingers and toes are SO COLD.
I don't wear socks when I sleep, but jeeze this sucks.

I'm watching Family Guy, and I'm bored.
Lalalalalalalala, so bored, and so cold.
And I'm getting sick of peeing so much.
Obelisk, I don't want to gomagain.
My bed is almost warm. D:
I haven't even had that much water today, but RAWR.
Nah; there's worse I could talk about. xD

Huhm, will I even post this?
Maybe, perhaps.
Ramblerambleramble, blahblahblah, boredboredbored, coldcoldcold, notreallytired...
Reallywanttodyemyhair, reallywishihadntcutitsoshortnow...

SRSLYgottapeegottapeegottapee, andshouldtrytosleepsleepsleep...

If anyone actually attempts to, OR ACTUALLY CAN, read any of that will blow my mind.
SRSLY. I don't even know if I could understand all this. xD

Gr, I want more orange proposes. D:
I should look up more low-cal, veg recipes for my mom.... I like cooking. :3
And I like tacos. :O

I keep setting this up to end, and I keep failing. xD

My parents probably think I'm mental for going to the bathroom so much... xD
Huh, I wonder if my mom's home...
Dude, I tried to pop a blackhead on my nose, but then I like scratched it open, and it's ugly and red... xD

I have fat thighs, and they're getting goosebumps...
MMM, that's attractive.

I don't think I'm quite all here right now...

I think I'm done now.
Not really, but yeah. xD

there's so manymistakes ^^^^^ bit I don't feel like fixing them. xD
Only editing so I can...
Do they still show that commercial? I havent seen it in forever!
:O Not three days fasting, just three days maybe under 500 cals, and no binges. xP

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  1. You make me giggle with your mad typing up there! Cheers me up :)

    You make me crave pancakes too..

    You should get yourself a nice blankeyyyy for your bed....that would make you warmer :D

    Stay strong xx