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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday and gaining.

Im bored.
And tired.
And gaining, probably.
...And watching King of the Hill; it's an episode about being overweight and blahblahblah.

My mom got more Propel packets today, and I want another one.
I'll probably grab one, and then just go to sleep...
Probably fall asleep on the couch, with my makeup on and junk.

My fingers smell like onions.

Sorry this is so monotone and boring, Fridays and food make me like this.

Here I am, alone on a Friday night, going to sleep at 9 o'clock...

Unless SOMEBODY'S on MYB, specifically T, so I can bitch about C with her...
And maybe about her dumb, Internet boyfriend, who only told me a week or so ago that he actually liked me and sometimes he still does...
But now he ignores me, and I hate it.

It's so much like IRL...
did I mention that I think somebody maybe told that-one-boy-I-dated-and-broke-up-with-a-week-later-and-then-three-days-later-he-started-dating-a-whore <--him that I was talking shot aout how he's being a both lately, 'cause he's been talking to menagain.
Ugh. The woes of being me, and the woes of all boys who "fall" for me, only to be disappointed that, no matter how hard I try not to, I find faults in everyone.



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