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Sunday, January 9, 2011

True Life and basketball.

I'm having an allergic reaction, I think.
My eyelids and a bit under my eyes are, like, dry or something.
They're sort of red, and earlier they felt tight and stretched.
I dunno how to explain it.
And I can't put lotion or anything on them, because that makes them burn.
Even my damn eyeshadow primer made it burn.
So I didn't wear makeup today, but all I did was go and watch my brother's basketball game.
Jean ran the clock, I kept the book.
Jean accidentally put two points on the wrong team, and accidentally unplugged the scoreboard at halftime.
It was embarrassing 'cause everyone was half staring/half glaring at us, but it was also a bit funny.
I have two chapters left on Madame Bovary, and then I just have to make this thing that doesn't sound too hard...
Well, SparkNotes will make it not hard. :P
I'm bored.
And not really tired...
I'm watching True Life: I'm Addicted To Porn.
This one dude is losing his family because of porn and masturbating, and I don't get it.
Apparently, to them watching porn is like doing drugs?
Yeah, but there's this one girl who has boobs, and I'm jealoussss.
If I had boobs, I'd look less fat... I think.
Or I'd at least look 'better'. :/
And there's this other guy, who is so NOT attractive, but I lovelovelovelove his voice?
Idfk, I've got weird attractions.
And he has a lip ring, and tattoos.
And has a friend who works at a tattoo shop.
LOLOL. He just burned all of his porn, and some guy came up and was like: "WTF are you doing?"
He was just like: "I'm burning all my pornography."
Huh, apparently the random guy was his dad? "Oh, I thought you were doing something stupid out here..."
Which I just realized is premiering next Monday, not the Monday after tomorrow. D:
I'm rambling, about nothing.
I have to pissss.
TMI? Eh.
Don't think I've lost any weight today.
Nope, definitely not.
Don't know what I weigh, and I'm not too keen on looking.
I probably will, now that I've put the idea into my head.
Ah, fuck. I'm going to do it, even though I don't want to go down to the basement.
It's cold down there...
One second.
I just booked so much ass. Like,
I'm so envious of this girl right now. Like, fuck; I'd kill to look like her, and have her confidence.
Want to know a secret?
...I've always had a weird attraction to modeling, and I sort of want to model.
I know it won't happen, but it would be fun.
And I'd do shit tons better than the girls on America's Next Top Model.
And plus, models are always thin, and they're always busy...
No time for food, when you're gorgeous and skinny.
Do busy and skinny rhyme?
Ha. I swear that was unintentional.

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